As usual, I am here to sincerely apologize for NOT keeping the Davis updates "up-to-date."  Those many of you who KNOW us, KNOW that we rarely have anything "easy" to deal with--always some "issues" that demand our immediate/constant attention and focus, 24/7 for over 7+ years now.  Thus, I am always a "day-late, and dollar-short!"

I am HAPPY to REPORT that (1) We did indeed have what I consider the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER for our family!  More so, (2) I can REPORT TO YOU that Davis' condition of his ever-tightening tendons/ligaments/muscles has INDEED HALTED...and has seen SOME IMPROVEMENT, Praise GOD!  THANK YOU ALL for your faithful prayers--GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

"BUT" the many of you know us and our son's/family's struggles with his cancer, and horrific side-effects...there's always a "BUT" when it comes to giving any "update."  Though yes--Davis IS improving--it is very moderate, and is not getting any "better" at this time.  It's as if what small improvement he DID show (and very fast) has "leveled-off" and stopped.  Thus, there is still GREAT CONCERN and NEED FOR PRAYERS for FULL HEALING for Davis.  With your prayers of FULL FAITH...He shall ANSWER these supplications, and heal our Davis Lee, so that it is a testimony and "witness" proof to our Heavenly Father and His Son's GREAT MERCY, POWER, LOVE, and GRACE.

As for the rest of us...we're "ok".  Always most thankful for what we things can always be worse.  But nothing is ever "easy" for us...not these past 7+ years.