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PLEASE Pray for Our Son's (Davis Lee) Complete and Permanent Healing From Cancer & Horrible Side-Effects

Davis & Family Update Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

More Acute Problems...More Prayers Needed

As usual, I have been side-tracked so many times in the almost last 2 months since the last Davis & Family Update...and I THANK YOU ALL who keep asking me for an "update."  I always try to be positive, uplifting, genuinely "up-beat", and ALWAYS giving the GREAT THANKS, PRAISE, and Glory to God and His Son for all we have been blessed with.


I can't always withhold the "reality" that Davis, and thus our entire family, face with his on-going struggles and debilitating side-effects.  And I NEVER HESITATE to ask for PRAYERS.  And they are--as always--GREATLY NEEDED.  Heck, EVERYONE needs some "knee-power," to which we always pray for EVERYONE who calls upon the Lord, and in full faith, in Jesus' Name, that as Jesus promised, he would "GIVE UNTO YOU" all that is asked thusly. 

The latest--and very acute--new "problem" that cropped-up late September was a rapid and accelerating decline in Davis' short-term memory, his ability to mentally "focus" and comprehend, sharp regression in performing simple skills (i.e. not getting simple adding/subtracting, making complete sentences on paper, forgetting definitions of most basic words, reading, writing, and overall comprehension.)  We all noticed by mid-September an alarming trend in truly regressing in all the facets of his learning, memory, comprehension and computation.  Not 2+ years ago--when we had to home-school him--he was doing LONG DIVISION, multiplication tables and problems like 356 X 98...and getting them RIGHT.  Suddenly, he's missing "11-7" and "9 X 0".  He couldn't remember capitalizing the 1st word in every sentence, and punctuation at the end.  Some new "devilry" had set-in. Long story short...he had been taking a medication to help reduce his otherwise crippling leg and foot pains (yes, he still is stiff all over, with pain, but it's not getting WORSE...but NOT getting BETTER, either).  In the hopes that taking MORE (since he was taking a small dosage) they started having Davis taking double his previous amount.  That was around the beginning of September.  Well...the possible "side-effects" to taking this drug basically read-out, almost word-for-word, what Davis started having problems with: "dramatic decrease in scholastic abilities and performance, drastic and/or wild swings in mood and/or behavior" etc, etc.

Yes, we immediately stopped giving him the drug ALTOGETHER.  That's been about a month ago.  We are seeing SOME improvement within all facets of his mental and behavioral performance and abilities--at the cost of worse foot and leg pains.  We PRAY that it was the drug causing this sudden and rapid decline--and NOT another manifestation of a new long-term or permanent side-effect from his Bone Marrow Transplant/"Graph-vs-Host" disease.  Again, once you undergo a BMT--assuming you LIVE--the side effects list is literally by the hundreds, and they (in children) can manifest themselves literally at any time during the rest of the child's life, into adulthood.

Another "issue"...another "challenge"...and a PLEA for MORE PRAYERS and HEALING for our son, Davis Lee.

It has been the LOVE, PRAYERS, and SELFLESSNESS of THOUSANDS--most we never even know or meet--which has proved a GREAT blessing that such true "servants" of our Lord are yet in this evil world, doing and living God's Will and giving Infinite Love.

THANK YOU and BLESSINGS to ALL throughout these many YEARS with US!

New Items Added Wednesday Afternoon 12/17

Beautiful, Iconic, & Most Collectable Colt Navy Revolver

All-Matching Serial # 103430 Colt M1851 Navy Revolver

Being Made in Early 1861, These Colt's Are Among The MOST DESIRABLE & COLLECTABLE, as Many Were being Made and BOUGHT By Southern States, Retailers, and Southern Individuals as Secession & War Broke-Out


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Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the history!

God Bless

John E. Spicer

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The Hill Of Death...

View of the Old Jackson Road, looking northward, at what is known as the "Crossroads"

at the Battle Of Champion Hill, Mississippi, fought May 16, 1863.  At this spot, the Upper and Middle

Jackson Roads intersect, and was the strategic objective for both armies  

during the battle. General Grant's and General Pemberton's forces fought over this ground,

 changing hands three times, until General Pemberton ordered the retreat back

toward Vicksburg.  As one Union soldier observed on this very spot the night after the battle,

"The dead were piled 3 and 4 deep, like cord wood, in every direction..."

Union Brig. General Alvin Hovey lost nearly 33% of his Division in the battle--

the 2nd highest percentage loss by a US Division within one day of battle during the entire war--and poignantly

wrote in his battle report that," I cannot think of this bloody hill without sadness

and pride...It was, after the conflict, literally the Hill of Death..."

This was the decisive Battle for Vicksburg, and is understood by the most astute historians

as one of the most strategic battles affecting the outcome of the entire war.

Post-Battle Sketch of Hovey's Men Assaulting the Botetourt Virginia and section of Waddell's Alabama Battery and Cumming's GA Brigade Atop Champion Hill, where Hovey's Division would lose 1/3rd of his men on the "HILL OF DEATH"!

About The Owner

Major Digger!  Happily bringing a 3.8" Patent-Base Hotchkiss Bolt to light after 141 years in the hills of Vicksburg.

I have had a total passion for the War Between The States since 8 years old, and have been a reenactor for 31 years.  My obsession with all things war-related, whether specific historical information (such as battles, campaigns, strategy, and tactics), collecting militaria, and "relic hunting" (I prefer "battlefield archeology"), has blessed me with a profound knowledge regarding the War.  I am also a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Magna Cum Laude, from the School of Business, and had been a Quality Assurance Engineer, Quality Manager, and Operations Manager in my previous professional career.  I utilize this background of history and business management to provide you, the customer, with the most accurate, complete, and forthright information, as well as fair business practices, in all my transactions and dealings. 



Terms & Conditions of Sales/Transactions with Champion Hill Relics: Click Here


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