As always, I receive SO MANY inquiries regarding our young "super-hero" Davis Lee, aka "Giggles" (nickname from his teachers at school).  And as always, I get chastised for NOT keeping MORE updates on Davis here on the website!  Since his last update at the end of his FIRST YEAR OF SCHOOL (yeah!!!), Davis has had a whirlwind of trips, camps, family and dear friends coming to visit and to meet.  Between his Summer Vacation Bible Schools & Trips & Camps, his annual  Mississippi's Toughest Kids "Camp Rainbow" week for such brave, beautiful children who have or are fighting the most horrible cancers and debilitating, painful afflictions a human being can endure, with family reunion with my wife's family, week-long stay of our greatest friend (and Davis' future wife, as he will tell all) Miss Gina and her two children--my Godchildren--having a BLAST together (some of you at the shows have met Gina--she has been the greatest friend to our entire family, & for me, to attend shows to keep this business going), and even a trip to the Huntsville Space Center.  And a LOT of putt-putt, of course!  Indeed, it has been a fun summer for our beloved boy. we approach the 8-year anniversary of his first diagnosis of cancer, I look back over these 8 years and I am speechless--but NOT emotionless.  I am "speechless" because of all the emotions evoked by thousands of memories of horrors I NEVER would believe would befall me, afflict my only beloved son, and the horrible toll it has wreaked upon Davis...and on me, and our whole family.  I wouldn't "wish them upon my worst enemy," as the old, wise saying goes.  And I wouldn't.  WHAT I WOULDN'T I NOT DO to have spared my son such utter misery that started when he was 2 years old, and continues now as he turns 11 years old?  ALL PRAISE & GLORY to GOD and His Son for HEALING Davis from Cancer, after 5 years (2 relapses under treatment, and thus the inevitable Bone Marrow Transplant).

But though Davis is HEALED of cancer, those 5 years of the MOST HIGH-DOSE Chemo's, Radiation, Steroids, cancer-fighting concoctions so toxic and destructive--and then Bone Marrow Transplant with a list of nightmarish pre-transplant treatments, the actual transplant and being in the NICU near death, and as I have long chronicled now--ALL of the PLAGUING SIDE-EFFECTS that MALINGER for him.  He is legally "disabled," for he can not run, can not--for the most part--take care of himself in almost all facets of daily "normal" living and abilities for a child of 11 years of age.  The fears of all the doctors that his ever-tightened joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles he has NOT been healed from.  At his current state of physical abilities and disabilities--he wouldn't even PASS A DRIVER'S TEST.

Our "super-hero" as many have called him, our beloved son, Davis Lee, should not suffer from such physical infirmities, all pains and horrible side-effects.  I hear parents COMPLAINING about having to "get dragged to baseball games & tournaments" or other sports-related commitments--and though I know they "don't understand," I just either turn away in a combination of sadness and disgust.  Sometimes I tell them, "Gee...what a PROBLEM to have...I'd HAPPILY would LOVE to have THAT as the 'problem' with my son--he can't run, can't play sports, and will be blessed if he could ever drive a car, and live on his own, to physically be able to take care of himself..."  I beg of you--PLEASE DO NOT take ALL the things you have, your children have, ANYTHING of the most simplest things and abilities in life...for GRANTED.  I learned the HARD WAY to enjoy just being blessed he's alive and in what condition he is in--just that he is WITH US, I am ever-thankful to our Heavenly Father.  What wouldn't ANY loving parent NOT DO for their child NOT to endure and suffer almost ALL of his life thus far, with the worst medical problems and procedures a human being could endure, and all the horrible side-effects in every form--all which have robbed him of a "normal" life and childhood that over 97% of American's with children never face? 

Thus, as always, we most sincerely and humbly ask for your CONTINUED PRAYERS for Davis' COMPLETE HEALING from ALL SIDE-EFFECTS, pray that Davis will grow to be A GREAT SERVANT to our Lord and the Kingdom.